You can apply to become an Australian citizen if you meet the following criteria:

– You have held a substantive visa (temporary or permanent) allowing you to be legally in Australia for at least four years; 
– You have physically lived in Australia for at least three out of the last four years (cumulative);
– You have held a permanent residency visa for at least the last 12 months before applying; and
– You have not been out of Australia for more than 3 months in last 12 months before applying.

You must be of good character, understand your obligations as an Australian citizen, and may be required to complete a Citizenship Test.

Children of Australian Permanent residents born in Australia are Australian citizens. Children of Australian permanent residents born outside Australia do not have a visa. If this situation applies to you your child needs to apply for a Child visa.

Children of Australian citizens born outside Australia can register to become Australian citizens by descent.

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