Learn More About Our Company – International Migration-Tehran:

We are able to assist you with applying for a Skilled Visa & Investor Visa & Business Visas to Australia.

We are also able to assist with Investor & Business Visas to Canada & the European Union.

We will provide you with reliable, honest and accurate advice and assistance for all your migration matters.

We can help you with your police clearance & medical examination.

Nicholas can assist you with finding employment in your field in Australia & you may also utilize our extensive partner network of lawyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers & accountants in Australia & Europe.

We can translate documents from Farsi into English.

To speak to one of our expert migration staff please contact us by telephone on 021-22098793 to arrange for a consultation.

We are located at 1st FL, Unit 3, building No. 20, 24 Metri Boulevard, (Corner of 3rd West Alley), Saadat Aabad, Tehran.

Our office number is 021-22098793

Our email is info[at]sydneyimmigrationlawyer[dot]com[dot]au

Our Experience

We are professional, highly experienced and qualified in a range of migration fields. We have experience working with the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship and the United Nations in the Middle East.

More specifically, we have worked with the Migration Review Tribunal and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan.

Having extensive experience with Australian, Canadian & European migration, we are able to prepare and lodge your Skilled visa or Investor visa or Business visa.

We can also provide assistance with obtaining police clearances, medical checks, IELTS or PTE English exam, translation of documents into English and assist you draft your business plan as part of any Investor visa application.

What we offer you

Immigration to Australia, Canada and Europe is a complex process for persons who do not know the relevant immigration laws and procedures. In fact, immigration is the fastest changing area; often riddled with dead-ends for those who do not keep up-to-date with the changes.

Often applications that are being prepared for lodgment become obsolete due to the speed with which the law changes.

This is why we recommend that you meet with one of the staff in our office to be able to fully understand your visa pathway – or to know your rights and obligations prior to embarking on your immigration journey to Australia.

‘Quite often the visa applicants find themselves at a dead-end with no choice but to return back to their country of residence’, one of our staff explains, ‘and our advice is that you came to us too late’.

‘Immigration law is like a maze with hundreds of visa subclasses, each with their own specific criteria’, our immigration specialists explain, ‘that is why we often find that people have applied for the wrong visa subclass or that they have included the wrong supporting documentation and missed deadline or have gone through the wrong visa pathway with no choice to return to their home country or to restart all over again’.

That is why we recommend that prior to embarking on your immigration pathway you consult with one of our specialists so you would know exactly what to expect and that you would not face unexpected surprises half-way through your visa.

As explained earlier, there are hundreds of visas for which a person can apply for to enter & remain in Australia or Canada or the European Union for the purposes of immigration.

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